Rating: 5 out of 5.

Brandi Wiatrak is quite the personality! She’s witty and hilarious. Gifting her audience with the kind of impactful information that all moms out there need to hear. I recommended this to my mom and she has been loving it!

Apple Reviewer, Futurefamer16

Brandi is such a breath of fresh air!! She’s a wealth of info with great guests and a natural entertaining deliverance. I love that she talks about taboo and off the wall subjects that make others easy to discuss.

Apple Reviewer, BrooklynCeb

I love the real talk on this podcast. They say things others don’t say and talk about things others don’t talk about.

Apple Reviewer, poopermcgee



On Mom After Hours, we talk about the hard stuff: sex struggles after kids, relationship hiccups, working motherhood, and everything that is mom life.

With humor, millennial host, and mom of two, Brandi Wiatrak creates a judgment-free zone to discuss the taboo conversations moms want and need to have. Especially those hush-hush topics you’re hesitant to talk about for fear of criticism or ridicule.

Whether it’s advice from leading experts or real-life stories from moms like you, Mom After Hours equips moms with the encouragement, tools, and humor needed to power through motherhood.

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Ep. 45 – Pregnancy, Working Mom Life & What I’m Not Doing Again – Emily Broderick

Today is the one-year anniversary of when my mommy sidekick and former co-host had to ditch the Mom After Hours podcast. In this episode, I catch up with Emily Broderick, on what she’s been up to since she left the podcast in June 2020. We talk about that ambitious working mom life, growing a business alongside a growing family, and what she will be doing differently in her family and business life moving forward.

P.S. This is my last episode of the season. Catch ya in the fall! 🍂

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sexuality and motherhood, mama sex book

Ep. 43 – The Lowdown on Sexuality and Motherhood – Sarah Forbes

As mothers, are we expected to ditch our sexuality and exude ourselves as matronly, proper, and unsexy? We answer this question and more with “sexpert supreme,” Sarah Forbes, former sex curator for the Museum of Sex and author of the upcoming book, Mama Sex. We dig into her experience working at “New York’s most provocative museum,” the taboos of being a sexual mother, and the conflict between our parental and sexual selves.

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