Ep. 5 – Overcoming Isolation in Motherhood — Allyson Pitre

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Allyson Pitre, M.A., LPC, The Mommy Therapist, talks about isolation and loneliness in motherhood. In this episode, she shares warning signs on when spending too much time alone may be a problem and advice on how to overcome our fears and build relationships and community with other moms.

As new moms, we both struggled with isolation, loneliness, and postpartum depression or anxiety. And we wish we had heard some of Allyson’s advice in those early months of being a new mom. But even now that we’re out of the newborn months and into the toddler years, we were able to see opportunities of how we could work on strengthening friendships with mom and non-mom friends.


Allyson brings a passion for people coupled with a longtime desire to help them find peace in the midst of turmoil, trauma, or dysfunction. You can find her at at https://themommytherapist.home.blog/
and https://www.instagram.com/the_mommy_therapist/


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Overcoming Isolation in Motherhood - Mom After Hours Podcast