Ep. 6 – I’m Not a Do It All Mom

Mother and daughter washing hands at the sink _ not a do it all mom_ mom after hours


Brandi and Emily talk about what they DON’T do with their kids, at home, and in their lives. In this episode, they talk about the importance of identifying your personal and family values and then prioritizing what they do, what they ask for help with, and what they opt-out of altogether.

As moms, we focus a lot on what other moms are doing when it comes to raising their kids, maintaining their household, and managing their work lives. Well, how about what they’re NOT doing to make it all work? We know that it’s impossible to do-it-all, so we have to be clear on what we want to do, what we’re good at, and what we can let go of. Brandi and Emily cover getting help around the house, letting the laundry pile up, throwing together prepared meals, and being terrible at arts and crafts.


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I'm Not A Do-It-All Mom | Mom After Hours Podcast