Ep. 10 – Keeping Your Marriage Healthy During Quarantine – Allyson Pitre

husband and wife embracing during covid-19


This new normal is tough.

Kids are at home 24/7. Parents’ work environments have been flipped upside down. Moms everywhere have become home school teachers overnight and are running on yesterday’s coffee fumes.

It’s a tough time to be  a mom, ya’ll. 

These unexpected changes can take a huge toll on relationships, and marriages. Even worse, research is claiming divorce rates will likely spike in light of the quarantine.

And, to be frank, that royally sucks! 

So, we welcomed back Mommy Therapist, Allyson Pitre, MA, LPC, to discuss the impact the quarantine is having on our relationships. In this episode, Allyson enlightens  us with the best way to craft conversations with our partner,  how to show grace, and other much needed guidance for keeping  our marriages safe and sound. 

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