Ep. 12 – Infertility & IVF: I Finished Menopause at 24 Years Old – Kelly McLay

young woman who experienced early menopause


When we decide to embark on our motherhood journey, we often expect everything to go as planned: conceive quickly, then deliver a baby in 9 months.

But, sometimes, our bodies can face health issues and challenges beyond our control, forcing us to take a bumpier route to the land of motherhood.

In this episode, Kelly McLay, a two-time seven continent marathon finisher, and founder and owner of Fitness International Travel, a travel agency focused on bringing runners to marathons around the world, shares her inspiring journey overcoming major fertility struggles after undergoing early menopause in her twenties.

With strength and resilience, Kelly shines a light on the psychological impact of infertility, insight on the in-vitro fertilization process, and how one doctor made the egg donor selection process a thousand times easier with nine little words.

As you listen to this episode, you’ll hear Kelly’s message loud and clear: we are “in” fertility together.

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