Ep. 16 – Coping with Change & Uncertain Times – Patience Riley

Coping with Change & Uncertain Times


Changes are hard to accept when they are forced upon you. 

You’re working a 9-5 job, tending to kids full-time, or just living life, when all of a sudden, a boulder appears in your path.⁣⁣

And you have no choice but to pivot.

You have to do things differently. You may even have to learn how to do things differently. And sometimes you might not want to.

Change can be seen as a positive when it is something you’ve been working towards. Like, a college degree, fitting into those pre-kids clothing or buying a new home. 

But when you’re not expecting change, it can be intimidating, scary, and even downright upsetting.

In this episode, Brandi talks with Patience Riley, CPC, LPC, the mom coach, therapist, and blogger behind WHOA MAMA, about how to become more comfortable with change and ways to cope with change during unprecedented times. ⁣⁣

Connect with Patience Riley, therapist, and motherhood coach at: 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/whoamama_blog

Facebook: www.facebook.com/whoamama_blog

Website: www.whoamamas.com

If you are a mama interested in 1 on 1 mental health support or are an expecting mama who is interested in learning more about Patience’s  6-week group, A Postpartum State of Mind, please visit the link below to set up a time to chat with her.


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