Ep. 18 – Know Your Worth: Negotiating and Leveling Up in Your Career – Monica Rockstroh

Know Your Worth: Negotiating and Leveling Up in Your Career - woman behind a computer


Women in today’s working world have it tough, especially working moms.

According to a recent study published by WerkLabs, the insights division of The Mom Project “not only are women and working moms balancing a plethora of responsibilities, but they are also fearing for their jobs- approximately 60% of the jobs eliminated in the first wave of the pandemic-induced layoffs were held by women.”

These layoffs mean tons of women are now on the market looking for work, while the gainfully employed attempt to reinforce their value to employers.

Believe it or not, companies are still hiring despite the drastic state of our economy.

But you have to show up and be seen.

In this week’s episode, Brandi talks with Monica Rockstroh, professional career pep talker, about the changes women are facing today in the working world, why it’s crucial women negotiate their salaries, and the steps we need to take to spruce up our online presence and ace that interview.

Connect with Monica  at: 

Website: www.monicarockstroh.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/monicarockstroh
Private (free) Facebook group for women to discuss careers and money: www.facebook.com/groups/monicascommunity


Monica Rockstroh is a professional career pep talker based in Chicago, Illinois. Her online consultancy prepares women to negotiate salaries and job offers, all while working to close the gender pay gap.

Interviewing well and negotiating hard have been vital career skills for Monica as she routinely moves across oceans to somewhere new, leaving her established connections behind. With the right strategy, she has out-competed fellow candidates and negotiated her way up the salary ladder, opening the door for women after her.

By training, Monica is a water resources scientist with a master’s degree in climate change & sustainable development. She has worked on stormwater and urban flooding issues in Cape Town, New York, and Chicago. For salary negotiation and interview expertise, her knowledge comes from real-life experiences around the globe. Nonprofits, to universities, to engineering firms, she has negotiated her salary and received promotions through strategizing, practicing, and then asking her worth.

In 2019, she resigned from her role in water resources to scale up her business where she prepares women around the globe to negotiate salaries and job offers. She also empowers women to ace interviews for promotions and career pivots. Her days are filled with cups of earl grey tea, female-run entrepreneur podcasts, and women like you – where she helps you get more out of your career path by giving you the pep talk you need to ask for more.


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