Ep. 20 – I Was Fired for Being Pregnant – Kiley Taslitz Anderson

pregnant woman sitting at a computer


When you discover you’re pregnant, you’re eager to spread the news of your growing family with the world. 

You come to expect well-wishes and celebrations because, after all, that’s what’s supposed to happen, right? 

But what do you do when you’re met with disapproval, resentment, then immediately released from your job?

Sadly, this is precisely what happened to the well-respected, top-performing executive, Kiley Taslitz Anderson. 

According to the National Partnership for Women’s and Families, being discharged from employment is the most common reason women file pregnancy discrimination charges. 

In this episode, Brandi talks with Kiley Taslitz Anderson, co-founder of Jetson and Jettie, about her life-changing experience with pregnancy discrimination, her lawsuit against her former employer, and how this and her c-section experience prompted her to launch her own mom-friendly company.

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Connect with Kiley at:

Website: www.wearejetson.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jettie/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kiley_t_anderson/

Bio: Kiley Taslitz Anderson was fired for being pregnant. She is the managing director of ’87 and the co-founder of Jetson, the world’s first seasonal probiotic. Mother to two young boys, she splits her time between California and Chicago. Inspired in part by her experience with having her babies via c-section, Kiley recently launched Jettie, the only seasonal probiotic for babies and kids.


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