Ep. 21 – It’s Okay to End Friendships That No Longer Serve You – Elisabeth Allen

group of women standing around talking and drinking


Before you become a mom, your girlfriends tend to rule your world.

From nights out on the town to girl’s weekends and endless texts and calls, it’s our besties that take center stage.

Then… a baby, or two, arrives.

And shit changes. 

A lot.

In this episode, Brandi, and host of Bottomless MOMosa podcast, Elisabeth Allen, talk about the impact motherhood has on friendships, how friendships change through life’s seasons, and signs that it’s time to kick a friendship to the curb. 

Connect with Elisabeth AKA Liz at:

Website: https://bottomlessmomosa.blog/

Podcast: https://bottomless-momosa.simplecast.com/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/bottomless__momosa

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/bottomlessmomosablog

Bio: Elisabeth Allen is the host of the working motherhood podcast, Bottomless MOMosa. She resides in the Chicago burbs with her husband, labradoodle Rafa and 2-year-old son Wesley. She’s a full-time working mother, total extrovert, and realist, who sometimes tends to be a little blunt. She knows there is an ugly and beautiful truth behind new working motherhood so she created a space where we, as working moms, can learn, laugh, and grow together.


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