Ep. 26 — I’m Not Fulfilled by Motherhood, and I Don’t Feel Bad About It — Brittany Bergman

mom doing crafts with two children


We are more than moms.

We are dynamic, multi-faceted women.

We are writers, artists, dancers, comedians, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, daughters, teachers, lawyers, doctors, sisters, and so much more.

These unique pillars of our identity can bring us much joy and a sense of accomplishment. 

With motherhood, however, sometimes that sense of fulfillment never arrives.

In this episode, Brittany Bergman, author of Expecting Wonder: The Transformative Experience of Becoming a Mother,  provides an insightful glimpse into early motherhood, her struggles with mom rage, and how she doesn’t feel fulfilled by motherhood, despite loving her two children more than the world.

Connect with Brittany at:

Website: https://www.brittanylbergman.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brittanylbergman/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brittanylbergman

Bio: Brittany L. Bergman is the author of the book Expecting Wonder: The Transformative Experience of Becoming a Mother, which she wrote while she was pregnant with her second child. Her kids are now 4 and 1, and she works as a copyeditor of nonfiction books at a publishing house. Her motherhood essays have been featured on Coffee + Crumbs, Motherly, The MOPS Blog, (in)courage, and TODAY Parents.


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