Ep. 29 – I Cut Ties With My In-Laws to Protect My Family’s Well-Being – Dana Moss

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Family relationships can be complicated, especially the relationship you hold with your in-laws.

Some of us have a supportive mother-in-law who doubles as a shopping buddy and a father-in-law who is as fun and loving as the person they married.

And those who do are incredibly fortunate.

However, when you have in-laws who dish out disrespect like hotcakes and cause unnecessary drama, it sucks BIG TIME.

And you might find yourself asking if the relationship is even worth the pain and troubles.

For today’s guest, Dana, it just wasn’t worth it.

But things weren’t always funky with the in-laws. It seemed only to change the moment the engagement ring landed on her finger.

In this episode, Dana Moss shares what ultimately caused her and her husband to part ways with his side of the family, the impact it’s had on her family, and when it’s time for you to kick your in-laws to the curb.

Connect with Dana at:

Website: www.millennialmomconfessions.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/millennialmomconfessions

Instagram: www.instagram.com/momsconfession

Bio: Dana Moss is a first-time mama to the coolest little dude and a self-proclaimed horrible housewife to her husband of almost six years. She’s a full-time stay-at-home mom that spends each day just trying to survive. Dana admits to fumbling her way through motherhood, living solely by trial and error. She prefers iced coffee, so she never has to worry about her coffee getting cold and running on her kid’s uneaten chicken nuggets, parenting humor, and making memes that my husband never thinks are funny (but they are)!


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