Ep. 30 – Boosting Intimacy During Infertility Struggles – Amanda Osowski

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When we think about infertility, we often don’t talk about the impact it has on our relationships. More especially, our romantic relationship.

The hormones, shots, tests, and timed sex can leave you and your partner feeling stressed, frustrated, and disconnected.

Today’s guest Amanda knows this first hand.

She was diagnosed with unexplained infertility several years ago, endured seasons of failed fertility treatments, and was eventually able to conceive a child in 2019 via frozen embryo transfer.  She is currently trying to conceive baby #2 by way of  in vitro fertilization. 

In this episode, Amanda Osowski MPH, CD, CPLC highlights her personal struggles with infertility, then dives into some fun, tried and true ways couples can increase intimacy and connectedness during this vulnerable time. 

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Bio:  Amanda Osowski MPH, CD, CPLC is a mama of one, an Infertility and Postpartum Doula, Bereavement Preparation & Loss Specialist, and Coach, passionate about sharing her education and experiences with new parents and parents-to-be. 

After struggling to get pregnant on her own, she finally had a successful FET in September 2018, which led to the birth of her daughter in May 2019. After her arrival, she thought about all of the ways in which her journey would have felt more educated and supported, and she became an infertility and postpartum doula and coach and founded Heartfelt Beginnings. 

Her passion is supporting the intersection of infertility and community, facilitating honest and candid conversations about infertility, advising how to navigate the professionals you may work with, determining which options are available to your family, and providing local resources for women and couples standing right where she once stood.


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