Ep. 32- I Was a Sick, Stressed-Out Mom Until I Incorporated These Habits – Christina Dunbar

tired mom sitting at computer with two young children


As mothers, our work is perpetual.

From late-night feedings to early morning lunch-packing, some days it is damn near possible to sit still and rest. Our neverending to-do lists, demanding jobs, and family time always compete for our time and attention. It’s no wonder we break, or in Christina Dunbar’s case, develop a stress-induced illness.

As a working mother of three children, including one child with a rare genetic disorder and another with special needs, it took Christina’s health hitting rock bottom to realize she had to redesign her life to improve her mental and physical health.

In this episode, Christina, host of the Intentional Ten podcast, shares how a stressful job combined with a tough early motherhood experience sent her into a downward spiral  and the life-changing habits she incorporated that turned her life right side up. 

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Bio: Inspired to change her lifestyle after a stress-induced illness, Christina Dunbar slowed down and redesigned her life to improve her mental and physical health. She created the Intentional Ten Podcast, Blog, and Journal to share these life-changing habits with others, focusing on Mindfulness, Gratitude, and Intentional Living. When she’s not recording episodes or writing posts, Christina enjoys a hot cup of coffee, sitting outside in the rain, and dance parties with her kids.


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