Ep. 33 – I Ditched Suburbia to Live on the Road Full-Time – Michelle Knight

mom and her children camping in RV


When you experience a loved one’s loss, it can turn your life upside down and inside out.  

It can also serve as a blatant reminder of how short life can be and the importance of embracing each day as if it’s your last.  

Today’s guest Michelle was a harrowing overachiever and perfectionist for most of her life. But after losing several of her loved ones to cancer, including her younger brother, she woke up and said, no more.  

So she kicked her corporate job to the curb, said goodbye to the white picket fences, and jumped in an RV to live life on the road with her husband and baby boy.  

In this episode, Michelle Knight talks about what to consider if you want to live in an RV full-time with your family and the pros and cons of nomadic life. She also teaches us how to reframe our perspective of time if we want to succeed in life and business.

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Bio: Michelle Knight is a mother, wife, world traveler, and storyteller. She is also a Personal Brand Coach and Marketing Strategist and the founder of Brandmerry.com. She is also the host of the Beautiful Climb Podcast.

She works with female entrepreneurs to create an authentic, captivating, and money-making brand through the power of story. Michelle supports women at various stages of their business who share one common goal – creating an authentic brand that allows them to show up as they are, build a loyal community, and experience time, financial, and location freedom as a result of their work.

In just nine months, Michelle launched her freedom-based business and left her 9 to 5 while raising a new baby. Just one year into her coaching business, Michelle created a 6-figure business and thriving community of women ready to share their stories.

Now she travels full-time with her family around the US and Europe and spends her time supporting women to achieve time, financial, and location freedom.


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