Ep. 34 – You Can Be Body Positive, And Still Want to Lose Weight – Jennifer Nagel

young mother working out on the floor with a fitness ball


While the body positivity movement started with good intentions, lately, people are using the term “body positivity” to shame.

From Adele to Rebel Wilson to the young mother down the street, women worldwide are being shamed for either losing weight or deciding to lose weight. 

And it’s started a Great Body Positivity Divide. 

You have one group who says if you’re genuinely body positive, you shouldn’t want to lose weight. On the other side, you have people saying, why can’t I be body positive and still lose a few pounds?

In this episode, Brandi talks with fitness pro Jennifer Nagel about diet culture, the body positivity movement, and the reverse shaming happening nowadays when women decide to lose weight. 

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Bio: Jennifer Nagel is a 40-something former executive turned fitness pro ready to help you invest in your health and transform your life! After a divorce and health scare in my early 30s, she turned to health and fitness to get my life back. Now she pays it forward by helping super busy ladies like you learn how to find simple solutions to be at your best in every aspect of your life. Her practical advice has been featured in MyFitnessPal, POPSUGAR Fitness, Well + Good, and Thrive Global. She loves obscure 90s references, long massages, and embarrassing my kids by shouting, “I LOVE YOU!” really loudly from the car window. 


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