Ep. 36 – Being a Step-Mom Isn’t Easy, But It’s So Worth It – Yolanda Ridley

step-mom standing in a field with her arms wrapped around her two young step-sons.


Often the first image that comes to mind when one hears “stepmom” is Cinderella’s evil stepmother, Lady Tremaine, who punishes and abuses Cinderella psychologically, motivated by her jealousy.

It’s no wonder why most women don’t relish that title or fear being part of a blended family. 

Today’s guest, Yolanda Ridley, however, was the contrary.

Yolanda was completely unfazed about becoming a stepmother, but she learned some valuable lessons as her journey wore on.

In this episode, Brandi and Yolanda Ridley, a personal growth writer and mental health advocate, share their step-parenting wins and struggles and lessons they’ve learned along the way. Yolanda also shares several important truths she wished biological moms understood.

Connect with Yolanda at:

Website: www.putthekettleon.ca

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Bio: Yolanda Ridley is a personal growth blogger and mental health advocate who focuses on helping women create the life they love. As a stepmom and infertility warrior, she’s faced certain challenges she’d never expected from life – but with this, she has found great love and happiness too – and this is what she’s passionate about sharing on her blog, Put the Kettle On. She believes no matter what path we find ourselves on in life – joy, passion, and happiness can be created. She resides in Toronto, Canada with her soulmate and is the proud stepmom of two handsome, smart boys (14 and 18).


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