Ep. 39 – The Truth About Being a Foster Mom – Danielle Melton

foster mom helping her soon ride a bike


With a staggering 424,000 foster youth nationwide, the demand for foster families is at an all-time high. According to ifoster.org, factors like parental opioid addiction are forcing children to be removed from their homes in alarming numbers. 

And the number of foster parents needed far outweigh the supply. 

In this episode, the founder of the Boss Mom crew, Danielle Melton, talks about the foster parenting process, what your family needs to consider before committing to becoming a foster parent, and offers tips on making that first day with your foster child or children run smoothly. She talks first-hand about her foster parenting experiences and even how her partner went from “being on the fence” with fostering children to what are we waiting for?

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Bio: Danielle Melton is an acclaimed educational leader, foster care & adoption advocate, and working-mom visionary. By trade, she works in school administration at an Early Childhood School and is also a college instructor at a local community college where she teaches Child Development. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Education, where she graduated from Northeastern State University with honors (4.0 GPA).

Danielle knows first-hand about juggling work, life, and family. This wife, mother, and school administrator lends her spirit, passion, and voice to advocate for the working mom community. What started as a mission to solve a deep personal need to feel connected to other working mothers propelled Danielle to create Boss Mom Crew. Boss Mom Crew embodies all types of professional working moms seeking sisterhood and connection while propelling them in fulfilling their purpose and passion in work and life. Danielle continues to use her platform to advocate, educate, and reimagine how career-driven women thrive in motherhood.


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