Ep. 40 – Adult Entertainers, Sex Workers & the Power of Cupcakes – Joy & Phil Hoover

nude female sex worker wearing a necklace and covering her chest


Ten years ago, Joy Hoover, a college dropout, and her partner Phil, a software geek, arrived in Las Vegas with no experience, no money, and no plan. But what they lacked in planning and resources, they made up for with heart, determination, and an overwhelming desire to serve. 

Confronted with stories from local sex workers, individuals in the adult entertainment industry, and others affected by sex trafficking, they knew they had to take action to help this important yet marginalized community. 

So they set up shop in their minuscule downtown apartment and went to work. At one point, nearly 20 people had keys to their apartment!

In this fun and uplifting episode, Joy and Phil share how a box of cupcakes evolved into a nationally-recognized nonprofit with a staff of 10 and a growing volunteer team of 150+, the importance of loving without an agenda, and how they are raising their two girls to be inclusive and, like their parents, “humans who give a shit.”

Joy spills what helps her stay centered in work and family life, and Phil dishes out what all men need to do to keep their partner happy and satisfied.

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About The Cupcake Girls: The Cupcake Girls™ is a national nonprofit with a staff of 10 and a growing volunteer team of 150+ that has raised over $1.5 million in cash in the last four years. Joy has provided over $1.3 million in holistic resources and aftercare to individuals who have been sex trafficked and those in the adult industry through The Cupcake Girls’ in-house team and referral partners. 

Joy’s Bio: As Founder and CEO of The Cupcake Girls, partner to her husband of 15 years, and mama to two fierce little ladies, Joy’s goal is to empower others through her personal journey of social entrepreneurship. Joy (she/her) and her family have had the privilege of holding space with folks working in the adult industry and those who have been sex trafficked for over 10 years. They are honored to stand in solidarity and link arms with this important and valuable community.

Equipped with her personal experiences of choosing to heal herself while growing a national organization, Joy shows up each day with heart, passion, and a deep love for marginalized communities ready to heal the world around her.

Joy’s core belief is that every person has inherent dignity and is worthy of respect. With a passion for creating sustainable impact, Joy embraces the scare-cited (scared + excited) mindset as she continues to help The Cupcake Girls grow through a community of humans who give a sh*t.


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