Ep. 43 – The Lowdown on Sexuality and Motherhood – Sarah Forbes

sexuality and motherhood, mama sex book


A woman’s relationship with sex becomes complicated once she’s a mother.

When naked and oiled up on the cover of Paper Magazine, our fellow mother-in-arms Kim Kardashian was attacked and told to “cut it out and act like a mother.”

Not long after, a mom I know posted a cleavage-bearing photo on Facebook, and the same statement arose. 

Act like a mother.

As mothers, are we expected to ditch our sexuality and exude ourselves as matronly, proper, and unsexy?

We answer this question and more with “sexpert supreme,” Sarah Forbes, former sex curator for the Museum of Sex and author of the upcoming book, Mama Sex. We dig into her experience working at “New York’s most provocative museum,” the taboos of being a sexual mother, and the conflict between our parental and sexual selves.

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Bio: Dubbed a “sexpert supreme” by Cosmopolitan Magazine, Sarah Forbes is a curator and sexual culturalist. Her memoir, “Sex in the Museum: My Unlikely Career At New York’s Most Provocative Museum,” is based on her decade as the Curator of the Museum of Sex in New York. Sarah is writing her second book, “Mama Sex,” an anthropological look at motherhood and sexuality.


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