Ep. 34 – You Can Be Body Positive, And Still Want to Lose Weight – Jennifer Nagel

SUBSCRIBE: AMAZON MUSIC | APPLE PODCASTS | DEEZER | GOOGLE PODCASTS  | PANDORA | SPOTIFY | STITCHER | IHEARTRADIO|  RSS While the body positivity movement started with good intentions, lately, people are using the term “body positivity” to shame. From Adele to Rebel Wilson to the young mother down the street, women worldwide are being shamed for either losing weight or deciding to lose weight.  And it’s startedContinue reading “Ep. 34 – You Can Be Body Positive, And Still Want to Lose Weight – Jennifer Nagel”

Ep. 32- I Was a Sick, Stressed-Out Mom Until I Incorporated These Habits – Christina Dunbar

In this episode, Christina, host of the Intentional Ten podcast, shares how a stressful job combined with a tough early motherhood experience sent her into a downward spiral and the life-changing habits she incorporated that turned her life right side up.

Ep. 3 – Loving Your Mom Bod

How do you treat your postpartum body? If you’re like us, it’s complicated. Sometimes, we’re in awe and totally love and respect our bodies for everything they’ve done. And other times, we’re beating up on ourselves and not being very nice, to be honest. On today’s show, we unpack our feelings of ambivalence and talk about how we want to improve our relationship with our bodies.